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Pearz HR is a desktop application for the Apple Mac that allows you to manage the employee information for your company. Manage your staff holidays and absences, group employees together and mail merge employee information into your documents.

The application can be used on a standalone Mac or on a network for shared access to the database.

Pearz HR integrates with the Mac iCal application to display employee holidays and absences, allowing the calendars to act as planners for the company.

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Pearz HRhttp://www.lostwolfconsulting.com/pearzhr/

The expertise and knowledge of an elite athletes training regime in the palm of your hand. Based on the training regimes performed by elite level athletes from professional football players to Olympic athletes, this app gives you an individualised training programme based on what your aims are and will progressively increase your loading to achieve your goals. These workouts have been designed and created for you by specialist sport scientists working with elite athletes and applying the same principles to your training as theirs.

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Elite Gym Trainerhttp://www.elitegymtrainer.com
Elite Scouthttp://www.elitescout.co.uk

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Designed to assist the scout in their daily routine of note taking for a football match report, Elite Scout, allows the user to record team line ups, match tactics, take notes on individual players - all on an interactive real time notepad / tactics board.